AX Hotel the new official Accommodation Partner
Posted By: eeg_admin | 2 months ago


We are pleased to announce that European Esports Gaming will be working hand in hand with AX Hotels Seashells Resort in St Paul's Bay on the 3rd-5th April as they will be our official Accommodation Partner!

Why host the event in a 4-star hotel?

- This gives us the opportunity to offer cheap rates with great quality rooms/ apartments from as low as £20 per person per night.

- Teams will also have the option to take a breakfast buffet before their games at a low rate of £3-4 per day.

- Teams do not need to pay any money for taxis to travel to the event and back. This will save teams a good amount of money.

- Teams sometimes have hours from one game to another. This gives the opportunity for teams to go rest in their room until their next match.

If you have any questions, please make sure to contact us via email at or on social media. 


Written by: 

Rueben Grech