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The Official Betting Company of EEG
Posted By: Randu | 5 months ago

We are happy to announce that Midnite is EEG’s new official Betting Company for the rest of 2020.


“Midnite is an Esports betting company providing with best odds in the industry, they will help us grow as a brand and provide the community with free-to-enter competitions with large amount of prizes."

Rueben Grech, CEO EEG


"Midnite is dedicated to enhancing the professional esports experience by providing a safe and well-regulated place to bet on matches, but we also believe that investing in our gaming communities is an important long-term strategy. We’re keen to support grassroots esports where the real gamers hone their skills and make a name for themselves. This industry would be nothing without the players!"

Sujoy Roy, Esports Director at Midnite


Create an account now using the following link:


Use code 'EEG' in your next £25 deposit and receive £10 for FREE. 


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