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The Official Payment Platform of EEG
Posted By: Randu | 5 months ago

We are happy to announce that VibePay is EEG’s new official Payment Platform for all UK players competing in EEG for the rest of 2020.


“VibePay will help EEG grow and provide the community with €200.00 worth of free-entry tournaments per month. Also, gives us the opportunity to provide our UK players a better service and most importantly at no fees.”

Rueben Grech, CEO EEG


“We are very excited with this sponsorship, VibePay has a unique payment solution that is perfect for EEG users, not only they’ll be able to have access to their winnings instantly but also at no fees. It really is win win.”

Nicola Vidal, CMO VibePay


This partnership will only be for UK players, which means tournaments sponsored by VibePay will be closed to UK only. All UK participants need to download VibePay in order to receive prize-money. They must link their VibePay in their profile.


Download link:


“Here at VibePay we understand that payments are part of your everyday life. That's why the VibePay app is at the centre of our growing ecosystem. One interface that connects your ID to your bank allowing you to pay back friends or get paid directly into your bank account - avoiding middlemen, fees and delays. It's a place to see activity of friends and from brands you transact and connect with.”


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