Beta v2

The EEG European League: Season 2


1.1 Administration

EEG has the right to edit or expand this ruleset at any given time to ensure the quality and fairness of competitions.

Decisions from competition admins are final unless successfully disputed with proof. Admin decisions can be made on the judgement of the situation if there is no pre-existing rule or is a unique situation.

Any rules broken will lead to disciplinary action taken on the team/player. The type of punishment will depend on the severity of the situation and the judgement of the admin.

1st Offence: Verbal Warning

2nd Offence: One Match Ban

3rd Offence: Removal from the Competition


1.2 Language & Communication

The official language used in EEG CS:GO competitions is English. Communication with any members of staff, admins or other players should be in English.

Direct communication with players will mostly be made through Discord. Therefore, it is the responsibility of players to check any messages that directly mention them.

It is also the responsibility of teams and players to keep up to date on information that is not directly communicated to them, but instead posted through the EEG CS:GO Twitter and Discord Channels.


1.3 Platform

Signups and competition brackets will be hosted through the EEG platform. Each player will need have an EEG account and create/join their team. Each team will need to have the required number of players to be eligible for the competition start.

Game servers and server/map vetoes will be hosted through FACEIT. Each player will need a FACEIT account and create/join their team. Each player will need add their FACEIT username to their EEG account.


1.4 Signup Requirements

EEG CS:GO competitions are only permitted to teams in the European region. Teams outside of the region cannot enter this event.

Teams will need to pay the entry fee before being permitted a spot. There will be no spot reservations. Entry fee refunds are only applicable 5+ days before a competition is due to start. Refund applications after this time will be denied.

Players that have a VAC ban on any account will not be permitted to play in EEG CS:GO competitions. Unless proof is shown to an admin that is considered viable and fair to the integrity of the competition.



2.1 Group Stage

The format of the Group Stage will be Round Robin with groups of 6. With a total of 48 teams in the competition, there will be a total number of 8 groups, in which the top 3 teams of each group will advance to playoffs. All matches in the Group Stage will be BO1.


2.2 Playoffs

The format of the Playoffs will be a Single Elimination Bracket with the teams that finished in 1st place in the Group Stage advancing straight into the Round of 16. The 2nd and 3rd place teams will be placed in the Round of 32. All matches in the Playoffs will be BO3.


2.3 Tiebreakers

The tiebreakers used for the Group Stage will be in order of:

1) Head-to-Head

2) Round Difference



3.1 Group Stage

Match 1: 28th March 2021

Match 2: 1st April 2021

Match 3: 3rd April 2021

Match 4: 8th April 2021

Match 5: 11th April 2021


3.2 Playoffs

Round of 32: 15th April 2021

Round of 16: 18th April 2021

Quarter Finals: 22nd April 2021

Semi Finals: 24th April 2021

Grand Final: 25th April 2021


3.3 Match Scheduling

The match days for the League are Thursdays and Sundays, not including the Finals Weekend which has matches played on both Saturday and Sunday. However, Group Stage Match 3 will be played on the Saturday 3rd April due to the 4th being Easter Sunday.

The Group Stage fixtures will be released on Friday 26th March. The Round of 16 fixtures for the Playoffs will be released on Sunday 11th April following the conclusion of the Group Stage.


3.4 Rescheduling

Rescheduling is enabled for this event.

Only Group Stage, Round of 32, Round of 16 and Quarter Final matches are eligible to be rescheduled. Semi Final and Grand Final matches are non-reschedulable.

Group Stage matches can be rescheduled to any date between 28th March - 11th April. Group Stage must be complete by the 11th April. Matches, or else incomplete matches will be forfeited. As for eligible Playoff matches, these are reschedulable to the 2 days prior to the scheduled date of the match.

Teams will need to reschedule by contacting their opposition through the Steam username attached to their FACEIT profile or through the EEG Discord. Once a new date and time has been decided, teams must then post the following in the #reschedule-confirmation channel in the EEG CS:GO Discord channel:

- Both Team Names

- New Date and Time

- Proof of agreement between both teams


Match Lobbies

4.1 Contacting an Admin

To contact an admin, used the call admin feature in your FACEIT matchroom. If no response is made from an admin within 5 minutes, contact a CS:GO admin directly in the EEG Discord Server.

4.2 No Shows

Teams will have 15 minutes to arrive to the FACEIT matchroom from when the lobby goes live. Players will then have an additional 10 minutes to join the server.

If a team is having any technical issues, they will be granted an additional 10 minutes on top of the original 15 minutes to sort the issue out or make a substitution.

If a teams doesn’t show up or doesn’t have enough players to start the match, the opposing team will be granted a forfeit.


4.3 Player Behaviour

Players should act professionally at all times when playing in EEG competitions. It is the team captain’s responsibility to manage their players.

None of the following should ever occur when participating in an EEG CS:GO competition:

  • Griefing or Throwing
  • Toxic Behaviour
  • Offensive or Discriminatory Comments
  • Stream Sniping
  • The use of a Smurf Account
  • The use of Hacks or Game Exploits

If any of the above happen in an EEG CS:GO match, an admin should be contacted and supplied with evidence. The admin will then conduct an investigation to determine if the culprit is guilty or not. If found guilty, a punishment will be handed out, with the severity based off the judgement of the admin.


4.4 Pauses

Teams have two sets of pauses:

The first pause being a tactical pause through the pause menu of the game. Each team will have four of these pauses which will last 60 seconds.

The second pause is a technical pause activated by typing !pause in the game chat. To deactivate the pause when in progress, simply type !pause again in the game chat. . Teams will only have a total time limit of 180 seconds. This pause should only be used for technical issues.

Teams will not be granted anymore pauses throughout a map.


4.5 Vetoes

Map and server vetoes will be conducted in the FACEIT match lobby. Unless told otherwise by an admin.


The official map pool for EEG CS:GO competitions is:

Mirage, Dust II, Inferno, Overpass, Train, Nuke, Vertigo


In the event of a BO1, the veto format is as follows:

Ban, Ban, Ban, Ban, Ban, Ban, Pick


In the event of a BO3, the veto format is as follows:

Ban, Ban, Pick, Pick, Ban, Ban, Pick


In a BO1, teams will choose sides by conducting a knife round. In a BO3, the team not picking the map will get to decide what side they want to play for that map. In the event of a BO3 going to the decider map, the knife round will be used to choose sides.


4.6 Reporting Scores

Once a match is finished, both teams must head to their match page on the EEG site and input their scores correctly. If scores are not inputted correctly or not inputted at all, an admin will look on the FACEIT matchroom to find the results there.


4.7 Match Forfeits

If a team is to forfeit a match, the opposing team will be granted a win with a round difference of +8 for each map. The forfeiting will be given a loss and -8 round difference for each map.

If a match forfeit results in a team progressing in the competition over another team who played a legitimate match, both teams will play a decider match to determine who progresses. 


Team Management

5.1 Roster Size

Each team may sign up with a maximum roster size of:

  • 5 Core Players
  • 3 Substitutes
  • 1 Coach

The full amount of core players is a necessity to participate in EEG CS:GO competitions. However, substitutes and coaches are optional.


5.2 Substitutions

Player substitutions can be made when the FACEIT matchroom begins. The team captain will be able to be able to change any starting players with any substitutes. Coaches cannot be used as a player.


5.3 Roster Changes

Teams are eligible to make team changes throughout competitions, so long as three or more of the core players that signed up with the team maintain their spot. New players will need to be in the FACEIT team before they can be added into the competition.

To change a player/substitute/coach, post in the #roster-changes text channel on the EEG CS:GO Discord channel in the following format:

- Team Name

- New Player FACEIT Name

- Old Player FACEIT Name


5.4 Team Disbands

If a team is to disband during a competition, the payee of the spot will be granted three days to find a new roster. The new roster cannot feature more than one of the past roster players.

If no replacement roster is found in the granted time period, the team will forfeit the rest of their matches unless a replacement team is found by EEG CS:GO.



6.1 Streaming Rights

EEG hold the Streaming Rights to any and all matches played in EEG CS:GO competitions. Therefore, any team that signs up to an EEG CS:GO competition agrees their matches are eligible to be broadcasted.

This competition does allow third-party streams for all matches, except for matches taking place on the Finals Weekend. Any third-party streams will need to either display the competition logo or the name of the EEG competition somewhere on their stream.


6.2 Broadcast Locations

EEG CS:GO competition broadcasts will be livestreamed to Information on what matches are being officially broadcasted can be found on our Twitter page.